Preparing For Christmas

Advent Devotions (click here)

When I was a kid, our family would get out an Advent wreath with 4 candles, and Advent calendar, and some type of Advent devotion book.  The whole purpose was to help us prepare for the celebration of Christmas and the return of Jesus on the Last Day.  It was a good practice and helped me to incorporate a devotion time into my daily routine.

We have become so busy in our culture today that the practice of meaningful time with Jesus has become somewhat lost.  So I wanted to share a resource with you from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Lutheran Hour is providing a free Advent devotional resource that is available online.  There is an Advent Calendar you can click on each day.  You can read the devotion yourself or have a narrator do the reading for you.  It’s so easy!

And, the devotions I have read have been well done.  I encourage you to utilize this resource by clicking the link below!

Advent Devotions (click here)