You Are Witnesses!

You Are Witnesses!


This week I was listening to a short video by a Lutheran pastor at an evangelism conference.  The startling statistic he revealed was that on average, a Lutheran will invite someone to come to church every 27 years.  Every 27 years! 

I hope this shocks you!  I hope you find it shameful!  You should!  For too long, we have been content to be content, we have become comfortable being comfortable.  Instead of following Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we have been listening to Him with some interest but not commitment.

This cannot continue!  This cannot go on!  Christians around the world have the powerful truth of eternal life, and we cannot keep it to ourselves.  There are people living without hope and dying without Jesus, and we have the hope and life He gives!

The good news is that Jesus covers our sin and gives us strength to do become people who resemble Him more and more in daily life.  His grace and love are given to us every day in His Word, and He will never abandon us, never disown us, and never be ashamed of us.  So we can move ahead, knowing that we are forgiven, knowing that we can do better.

So what can you do? 

1.  Start by attending the Regional Outreach Conference (ROC) sponsored by Lutheran Hour Ministries on February 22-23, right here in Sacramento.  You will hear inspiring speakers, look at contemporary and engaging topics, and rub elbows with other Christians who are also trying to improve their witness.  What’s the cost?  $69.00, as much as a family of 4 might spend going out for a casual dinner at Applebee’s.

 You can register online at, and also find lots more information.

 You can also help out at the conference.  There is a need for help with registration materials, welcoming people and directing traffic, prayer teams, children’s and teen sessions, technology, and more.  Please email me at if you want to help out, and I’ll send you in the right direction.

 2.  Take advantage of the mission and evangelism classes and visitation opportunities we have at Light of the Hills.  Right now we are looking at answers for some of the difficult objections to Christianity, using the book, The Reason for GodMore opportunities will follow.

3.  Pray for your friends who need Jesus, and be ready to share your faith with them when God opens a door.

4.  Spend time daily in the Word by yourself and on Sundays with your brothers and sisters in Christ.


Just think if every Christian in the United States invited one person to church even once a year!  Or once a month!  What could God do through you?  What is He leading you to do now?

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