Christmas Brings Hope

As a nation, we love holidays!  We get excited about Memorial Day and Labor Day, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  But we really love Christmas!  We love Christmas for a number of reasons:

  • Christmas is good for the economy.
  • We often get stuff we want at Christmas.
  • School is out for at least a couple of weeks.  No homework!
  • We feel less guilty about eating pies, cakes, and cookies!
  • People are nicer, or at least act nicer around Christmas.
  • We get to see family we really miss.
  • If we don’t enjoy our family, at least it’s over quickly.
  • There are excellent leftovers to eat.
  • Football, football, football.


God has given us a far better reason to love Christmas.  Hope!  The birth of the Son of God into and for a broken world made dark by sin and death is a reason for hope.  Christians find great joy in celebration Christmas because:

  • In Jesus, God is with us.  We not a lone.  We have hope.
  • The birth of Jesus means that God has come to do something about the darkness we face from within and without.  We have hope for the end of darkness.
  • Jesus was born into a corrupt, violent world.  He suffered at the hands of His enemies, and was crucified for us.  Jesus understands the violent suffering we experience in our world today.  We have hope even in the midst of senseless violence.
  • The gift of a Savior who would die for the sins of the world means that your sins and mine have been paid for.  We have hope even when we fail.
  • The resurrection of Jesus means that even death has been defeated, and someday all believers in Him will rise to eternal life.  We have hope even in the face of death.

This year, celebrate Christmas, the birth of the Christ, Jesus, the Son of God.  Celebrate hope.

  1. Dina Krauss Reply
    Thank you for the message of HOPE!

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