Senior High Youth Lock-in

Loth Lock in copy



Light of the Hills is very excited to host a lock-in not only for our youth group, but for all of you in the surrounding area. Our hope is that you meet new people, share in the love of Christ, and have fun! There is a lot crammed into just 12 hours, including an opportunity to sleep, but that’s not required! Below you’ll find almost all the answers to the questions surrounding this event.


Registration will be online. There you can select how many adults/kids will be attending. This gives us an idea on a number for food. If you are coming in a group from a church please register all together. If you are coming individually please register yourself. RSVP HERE Youth Participants we’ll need to have a medical/event release form signed CLICK HERE. All adults who wish to stay as a chaperon for the night at the church need to email me. Vicar Deal at

What To Bring

  1.  Pillow/Sleeping bag
  2. Toiletries
  3. Pj’s
  4. Closed-toe Shoes
  5. Medical/Event Release Form
  6. Bible


  1. Snack to share
  2. $10 donation for food

(If you would like to bring a camera/cell phone/ or other electronic devices, know that Light of the Hills Lutheran Church will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of these items)

Also, this time is meant to help build community so we’re going to advise against the use of cell phones and other individual activities which exclude others. Instead, join in games and meet new people.