New Life with God

Have you ever felt burned out spiritually? Perhaps you wanted to pray but couldn’t muster up the energy or you tried reading your Bible but couldn’t focus. Maybe recent failures have left you feeling discouraged and worn down.

There is hope! This summer we will be taking a look at how God makes us new. Because Christ is risen from the dead, all who trust in Him have a new beginning. Take a look at what we will focus on from June 30 to August 4 in our Sunday morning worship services:

June 30: God gives new beginnings to burned out servants. Have you ever felt discouraged as you have tried to serve the Lord? Perhaps you have worked and worked on a project, only to find that very few people responded and nobody really seemed to care. On June 30 we will see how God gives new beginnings when we are discouraged, and the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19 will be an illustration of this.

July 7: God gives new beginnings to his people who have failed. Even though we have been forgiven and made new, we still make mistakes. Sometimes we give in to temptation and sin. But in God’s mercy, He has provided restoration and hope for us, and He uses us to communicate that to each other for healing. We will look at Galatians 6 as our guide for this Sunday.

July 14: God makes us into a new community. Have you ever felt like you weren’t very important? Maybe you have looked at pastors or staff, choir directors or musicians, Church Council leaders or Elders, and thought that you didn’t have much to offer. But when we learn what God has to say about His church, we discover that every person matters to God, and every person has a part to play. 1 Corinthians 12 will be our focus on this day.

July 21: God gives new life when it doesn’t seem possible. When your hopes and dreams don’t come to fruition, how does that affect your relationship with God? Life can seem hopeless at times. On this Sunday we will look at a couple that struggled with infertility, and because of that, struggled to trust God. Our text will be taken from Genesis 18:1-14.

July 28: God gives new mercy to people who don’t deserve it. How do you feel when you read a news story about terrible cruelty or gross immorality? Do you ever wonder when God is going to do something about it? On this Sunday we will see the depth and strength of God’s mercy. He cares about people who don’t care about Him, who do terrible things. We will be looking at Genesis 18:17-33.

August 4: God gives a new identity to His people. Do you ever get tired of being the same old you when it comes to following Jesus? There is hope! God has connected you to Christ and made you a new person. That means there is hope for new behaviors! We have been raised with Christ, so our hearts and minds have a new focus. Colossians 3:1-11 will be our guide.

If you are not worshipping with us, but simply reading this article, let me encourage you to read the Bible passages that are listed above, and try to answer the questions that I wrote at the beginning of each of these paragraphs.  You will find that God brings new life to His people in surprising and powerful ways.

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